November 26, 2014


We will be closed Thursday and Friday this week!

Your statements will be mailed out today…
So keep an eye out for them!!!
They will be due December 12th!!!

If you will take note on your statement,
we have done some internal organizing and there are
NEW ROUTE NUMBER assigned to the system.
So, if you put your Route number and Account number
on your payments, please make sure to apply the
right numbers.

Just FYI, you don’t need your Route numbers
on your payments.
As long as your Account numbers are in the memo
of your checks, the payments will be applied correctly!!

Thank you for helping us help you!!!
Have a blessed weekend with your friends and family!!!

August 07, 2014

As of today we have 75 BCWS customers that are participating
in the Bank Draft Program. It seems to be going really well !!
Those that are participating, find this service to be a great
asset to their bill paying systems!

We have had several to comment about how much they are
thankful that we finally went to somewhat of an automation
bill paying system.

I have had some ask about having a place on the website to
make payments, but we do not want to go in that direction
due to our extensive security protocols! We take our
customers data security to the highest level possible!
We treat your information like it was our own!

We hope that more of our customers will come on board
with this program in the near future. If you are just now
hearing about this program, be sure to scroll down a little
bit and read all about it. I have written in other post the
details of the program. If after you have read the information,
you decide you would like to participate, just click the link
above labeled Forms. There you will find the application. You
can download it, fill it out and either bring it in to the office or
mail it to us.
We prefer that you do one of those two, rather than emailing
it in to the office.

If you have more than one account with us, please fill out one for each account!

Thank you for your time! Feel free to call me at 325.235.4919
if you have any questions.

Have a great day!