Bank Draft/ACH

If you would like to participate in the bank draft program,
scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see a download link on the left side.
Click it and you will be able to print, fill in the form and mail it into the office.
It does not matter what bank you use for your personal banking.

Be sure to fill in the ALL of the form.
Line 1 – The name exactly how it appears on your banking account.
Line 2 – Name and location of your bank.
Line 3 – The routing number for your bank. (usually starts with 111)
Line 4 – Your bank account number.
Line 5 – Check mark for the type of account you will be using for the deduction.
Line 6 – Enter the max amount that you will allow for drafting.
(example: your highest bill in the summer is $246; make this amount for $250)
You should be fine for all future statements.

If you bill is over the max, we will call you around the first of the month
to either increase your max amount to cover the bill or you can mail in a check.
You will have already received your statement by this time so if you notice the
overage, you can call the office to make arrangements to increase or pay on your own.

Sign the bottom, make sure to give us a current phone number to reach you and
put your Bitter Creek account number on the last line.

We do not need your to send in a voided check, but if you feel you need to,
we will shred it after we enter your information into the system.

If you have any questions, please call the office and I will be glad to help you!

Click Here to Download —> Bank Draft Form