Office Open to Public

All payments should be made by one of the following payment options:

ACH / Automatic Draft

Sign up for automatic draft payments, and we will automatically deduct your payment each month. No more hassle with writing checks or delayed bills; everything is done for you.

Here is the link to follow for setting up and making payments. Please have your statement with you when you click the link below. You will need information off of the statement to be able to set up the account to make payments with credit cards. Make sure that the spelling of your “First Name” is spelled as you spell it on the statement. If not, please contact us so we can make the changes necessary to update your information in our system.

You will need the Municipal Code which is: BitterCreekWater

Check or Money Order

Mail checks to: *
Bitter Creek Water Supply
P.O. Box 1177
Sweetwater, TX 79556-1177

* Include your Account # in the memo of the check, and include your payments stub for accurate processing.

Cash Payments (Drop Box)

Cash payments may be dropped off in our old Drop Box*.

*This will be the slowest form of payment processing. Please choose one of the other payment options if you can; however these will be picked up and posted to accounts for the remainder of the year and until further notice. Thank you for working with us for a safe, no-contact transition.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be closed
Thursday and Friday for the holiday to spend time with
our families!

We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope
that you all enjoy your time with friends and family!

We will be back to work on Monday the 30th of November
for regular business hours.

The November statements went out today!!!

If you do not receive yours before the 1st of December,
be sure to call the office so you will know what is due
on the 12th of December.
This is the usage for the month of October 2015.